8 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing for Your Rental Property

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8 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing for Your Rental Property

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Today’s landlords face numerous property management issues. Among them, maintenance and upkeep can be costly and overwhelming. That’s why savvy property owners look for buildings that utilize sustainable, durable, and low maintenance materials. Metal roofing offers all those benefits in addition to being long-lasting and energy-efficient. Metal roofing is also aesthetically pleasing and can enhance overall property value.

Today’s landlords have numerous responsibilities. Among the more costly and time-consuming is property maintenance. That’s why savvy landlords seek out investment opportunities constructed of sustainable, durable, and low maintenance building materials.

Metal roofing systems are one such tool that can provide property owners with numerous value-added benefits since they are specially engineered to be lightweight, fire-resistant, long-lasting, easy to install, and require little maintenance.

In today’s article, we will explore eight reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your rental property.

1. Metal roofing systems require less maintenance.

After analyzing 36 roofing systems across the U.S., Ducker Research Company found that metal roof owners reported spending only 3.5% of total install costs on recommended maintenance over the roof’s expected service life. These reduced maintenance costs can be attributed to factory-engineered roof curbs and openings, sturdy steel-rod bracing, staggered splices, factory punching, weathertight sealing, and roof clips.

2. Metal roofing is durable.

Metal roofing is generally warrantied for 40 years and provides superior protection from the elements. As a result, some insurance companies offer discounts for metal roofs on commercial property policies.

3. Metal roofing can help improve the value of your property.

Since metal roofs are safe, durable, long-lasting, and promote energy efficiency, installing a metal roof can increase the value of your commercial property. They can also enhance occupant comfort and help reduce carbon emissions.

4. Metal roofs help add sustainability.

Renewable energy is playing a growing role in the building industry, and the potential for rooftop renewables is welcome news. Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, and its use can accommodate solar panels without impacting system integrity.

5. Metal roofs can reduce energy costs.

Besides being durable and low maintenance, metal roofs can help conserve energy over your property’s lifespan. Unlike conventional built-up roofs, metal systems can accommodate more insulation, lowering overall energy costs. This efficiency is more than just desirable. With today’s stricter building and energy codes (like ASHARE Standard 90.1), the incorporation of energy-efficient materials is setting the standard for future construction best practices.

6. Metal roofs can reduce the need for heating and air conditioning.

During severe temperatures, metal roofs can help lower energy costs by repelling the sun’s heat in summer and absorbing the sun’s heat in winter. According to a report done by the Heat Island Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, tenants can conserve as much as 40% in overall cooling and heating costs.

7. Metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing.

As a landlord, having an aesthetically pleasing property is key to running a successful rental investment. A metal roof can help add lasting distinction and beauty to your rental property and help you stand out when looking to fill your vacant unit.

8. Metal roofs are lightweight.

Metal roofs weigh significantly less than other roofing materials. For example, tile roofs can weigh about 750 pounds per square, while concrete systems can reach up to 900 pounds. By contrast, metal roofs typically range anywhere between 50 to 150 pounds per square, resulting in structural stability without the added weight.


And there you have it! Eight reasons to consider the numerous benefits and cost savings that metal roofing systems can offer.

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