Let’s be honest, getting a roof isn’t really something to get excited about. In fact, I looked forward to finding a roofing contractor about as much as getting a root canal. But, it had to be done, so I began a two month interviewing process that resulted in meeting with 11 roofing contractors. By the time I had met with Brantley, I had heard every sales pitch there was, every reason to “buy now” and every horror story from well meaning friends and neighbors on how they had been duped by a roofer at some point during their homeowner lifetime. As soon as Brantley arrived at our home, I felt he was the real deal…an authentic contractor who would do good work at a fair price. He didn’t talk industry jargon and explained everything in layman’s terms. I liked that he was local and established good will in the community by paying-it-forward. He was sincere with us, and established our trust immediately and we felt comfortable hiring him on the spot. He was communicative during the entire process, and his team was very professional (and respected our property). I would highly recommend anyone use his services.